Printed matt laminated business cards

Our clients love the quality and feel of our business cards, from the pin sharp lithographic print and the superb quality 400gsm silk right through to the matt laminated coating on both sides - no wonder literally thousands have been designed and printed for clients new and existing this year alone.

Your business card is usually the first piece of marketing you hand over to a prospective client, either at a meeting or a networking event and the design needs to be clean and simple enough to make the right lasting impression. DL Design have years of experience designing cards to set you apart from your competition. A little tip 'always print on both sides of your cards, afterall there's an extra 50% on the reverse just waiting to be used and with the print costs being marginal, why wouldn't you?'

When you hand over a business card the natural thing for a recipient to do is to feel the quality of card and make assumptions about you and your business in the first few seconds. Ask yourself this 'Are you happy with the cards you printed yourself and cut out with scissors before a meeting? 'Does your card have the same template design as another business?' and 'Is the weight of the card as thick as it could be?' If not you may want to have a word with DL Design; you can contact us here.

Here is a selection of some of the cards we have supplied to our clients.