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Black Tie rebranding project

Here is a taster of some of the work we have produced for the Black Tie and Posh Frocks Charity Ball 2018. Take your time to look through our portfolio. We'd be delighted to show you some actual 'real life' printed examples to give you a feel of the high quality of our work we achieve for our clients. Graphic design, branding, logo design and print can all help to make the right impression. 

Following on from the success of the 2017 Charity Ball, Adrian Stohr of Ady's Journey called us up again and asked if we would be interesting in sponsoring his annual charity event for the second year running. It was an offer that we really couldn't turn down, so again we met for a coffee, had a chat and it soon became clear that Adrian wanted to keep the overall feel of the branding but with a fresh twist for the following year.

After some research, lots of thought and many different sketches, DL Design proposed a new logo style which could be used year on year to really give the event some continuity and consistency. This really was well received by Adrian and will now be used as the branding for many years to come.

Table signs were designed

A clean look and feel for the Facebook page

The front and back of the tickets

The wall poster advertising the event

"Well what can I say about a company of true spirited professionalism of quality at their finest? It’s with great honour I write this testimonial for DL Design who last year we commissioned as a sponsor to create the branding for our annual Charity Ball. 

As a result of their branding the Ball, we sold nearly all our tickets faster than any other year with an outstanding £7000 raised on the night for our charity. When I approached DL Design again this year they were more than happy to step in.

Darren’s idea about keeping the branding similar but creating a logo style for the next event was a winner - just what I was hoping he would come up with and that’s what Darren is all about, his creativity just flows to perfection with the need of making our next Ball an even bigger success, thank you Darren for everything."

Adrian Stohr of the Black Tie and Posh Frocks Charity Ball