What input will I have in the design process?
As much or as little as you like. During our initial, no obligation meeting we encourage you to bring in examples of colours and styles that you like and if we are designing a bespoke logo for you we have a 17 point questionnaire for you to complete to help build up a brief. During the design process you will be sent proofs which you are able to amend or sign off once you are happy with them. Once a project is ready for print we will supply you with a final proof, either hard copy or PDF before production begins. Once production has started it cannot be canceled so it is important that you are happy before signing the job off.

Will my logo contain any clipart?
No, every logo design is bespoke.

How do I check the progress of my project during the design process?
You are welcome to phone or email for an update whenever you like and one of the team will always respond with an update. As a guide we like to allow 10 working days for a design project.

How will I receive my design once it is complete?
Once final payment has been received you will receive a full set of print and web ready files.

Do I get a vector version of my design?
Yes. The set of files you receive will be suitable for business stationery, brochures, banners and websites.

Does the artwork belong to me once I have paid for it?
Yes, 100%. Copyright transfers to you once payment has been settled in full, however we do reserve the right to use work for any promotional purposes. 

Will I be able to change the files on my computer?
The software we use is the Adobe Creative Suite comprising InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. If you have this software you may be able to make changes but we would strongly advise against this as you could potentially change something by mistake.

What design services to you provide?
We offer the full service from stationery to brochures, posters and banners to websites and social media backgrounds.

I need something designed in a hurry can you help?
We are adaptable to accommodate rush jobs if required but it's always best to contact us to check our workload first.

How much do you charge?
Each design job is bespoke therefore quoted on a job-by-job basis. We do offer either a fixed fee or hourly rate depending on your requirements and can agree a budget with you during our no obligation initial meeting. It is our policy to be transparent with our clients regarding pricing.

I have a computer and some graphics software. Why do I need to commission a graphic design company?
Your logo and branding are very important and usually the first point of contact with potential customers and, as such need to convey a professional image. A professional design company will have the skill and expertise to create the right impression for your business and help you gain clients rather than possibly losing clients because your branding looks amateur.

What are your payment terms?
For projects where the quote is under £500, we require an initial payment representing fifty percent of the total fee, before we can commence work on your project. The remainder of the balance is payable upon completion of the job. For projects where the quote is over £500, we require an initial payment of one-third of the total fee, before we can commence work on your project. As the project progresses we will require payment for the second one-third at the halfway point. The remaining one-third of the balance is payable upon completion of the job.

What types of payment do you accept?
We accept payment by cash, cheque or electronic transfer.

Can you help me with printing?
Yes we can, we offer a print management service for our clients giving you competitive pricing while removing the hassle for you.

What are your Terms and Conditions?
Our Terms and Conditions can be found here.